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parent thank you

A Huge thanks to those who are representing each class for Winter Sports Events! These parents help organize volunteers associated with the different classes for the special days that each grade is responsible for. Volunteers are usually needed for all home events to help with admissions and concessions. Sometimes they are also needed for various other jobs.  

6th Grade       – Mark and Melissa Stegman and Michael & Sheila Ertl.

7th Grade        – Mark & Mindee Thagard, YOUR NAME COULD BE HERE

8th Grade        – Doug & Tena Herbek and Rob & Jennifer Wemhoff.

9th Grade        – David & Kathleen Stolz, YOUR NAME COULD BE HERE!

10th Grade      – Herbert & Christine Heusel and James & Rina Huntwork.

11th Grade      – Scott & Laura Fox and Kathy & Hank McFarland

12th Grade       – Michael & Dorene Spies and Brian & Chris McCarraher